What does TEDxpanteionuniversity means?

In November 2014 a group of Panteion University students, spontaneously realised the need to set up an organisation with a social horizon. As there was no other TEDx in this direction, TEDxPanteionUniversity became the first.

TEDxPanteionUniversity is therefore, a TED organisation with a social orientation that, through its actions, is trying to promote ideas worth spreading and happening, and to inspire. It seeks to raise awareness, socially influence and motivate young people to make the first step towards creating a society as they envision it.

From the very first moment, our main goal is to ensure the participation of all, so for every event the entrance is free of charge. At the same time, we are trying every year to get closer to the full accessibility of people with disabilities. We always expect and seek TEDxPanteionUniversity to be a safe place for every personality, expression and idea, without any discrimination or condemnation.

The history of TEDxPanteionUniversity’s actions began in May 2016 with the main event “Frameworks”, the theme of which was the link between the interactions and the continuous evolution in the field of social sciences and the human factor. Our first event was hosted at the Goulandris Natural History Museum in Kifissia, and was attended by 200 spectators, while, despite the short period of time since its formation, it managed to be worthy of TED events’ anticipations.

A few months later, on October of the same year, a second event titled “It’s about time” followed. This event was held at BIOS, in Kerameikos, alongside TEDWomen in San Fransisco, USA, where TEDxPanteionUniversity had an honorary invitation. Its theme was the contribution of women to claiming equal rights and obligations, while this time around 200 participants had access to live streaming and independent live speeches.

After our presence in America, we set the bar higher, as for the first time we had the licence to create an event for such a larger number of attendants, and at the same time, such a large area to use. On May 2017, the event “Break the Pattern” was hosted by Papastratos Institution, at Piraeus. Its aim was to inspire the 350 spectators and influence the young to make different moves, without fear, out of society’s norms.

On the spring of 2018, the TEDxPanteionUniversity team organised two events. The “Unlock Yourself” pre-event took place last March on Tzaferis 16 Poluchoros and, through a series of interactive workshops, raised issues related to the multifaceted human psyche and factors that “lock” us, while it had a turnout of 200 people.

So, we arrive on May 2018 and our most recent main event titles” Elephant In The Room”. With this event, we surpassed our previous expectations, as we also moved to the Benaki Museum (Piraeus 138) and for the first time a total of about 500 people attended our live talks, performances and workshops. The aim of “Elephant In The Room” was to “illuminate” a number of social issues and, above all, those we tend to ignore.

Every year we put a bet with ourselves and try to surpass our limits. Every year we reach where we couldn’t imagine we would. For one more year, we return with the aim to inspire even more and spread ideas, while staying dedicated to our first vision, values, and all those things that became the “motive” of the student group who gave life to TEDxPanteionUniversity.