Giannis Vassilopoulos

Giannis Vassilopoulos (b.1998) is the youngest lyricist of modern Greek discography. At the age of 15 he was distinguished in the Fourth Casting of New Creators of Mikri Arktos record label and publishing company, with which he published his book “Inconceivably Different” (2013), the collection of children’s songs “Who broke my train?” (2015) in collaboration with Paraskeua Karasoulos and George Andreou, and his debut album, “Third Exodus” (2017), which was musified by Spyros Paraskeuakos and performed by Dimitra Selemidou. So far he has collaborated with artists such as Dimitra Galani, Vassilis Papakonstantinou and Foivos Delivorias, while he is studying in the Department of History & Philosophy of Science in NKUA.