Chrissa Katsarini

Chrissa Katsarini was born and raised in Kavala and she studied in Thessaloniki. During her thesis, she got a scholarship from “Andreas Voutsinas” Drama School and then took part in various theater plays as well as in a short film. In the beginning of 2012 she started her first stand up acts, which is her main occupation ever since. In 2013 she gave a performance at the oldest comedy club in Ireland and she is a member of the Gazi Comedy Club since 2014.


Giannis Chatzibeis

Giannis Chatzibeis is a Paralympic champion in swimming and triathlon. He is the first Greek athlete with a disability to have swum 26 km in the open sea, in 1993, and to have completed the Ironman marathon triathlon in 2014. He specializes in marketing, sales and management, with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Piraeus and a master’s degree from the University of Technology, Sydney and more than 25 years of professional experience in the field, with an astonishing track record. In 2013, he started the crowdfunding platform , an online meeting point of individuals, NGOs and corporate entities who wish to fund live-changing projects.

Panos Kordoutis

Panos Kordoutis was born in Athens; he received his BA from the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens in 1983 and, as a Fulbright grantee, his M.A. and Ph.D. in Social Psychology, from the Department of Psychology of the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1986 and 1989 respectively. Since 1991, he has worked at the Departments of Social Work and Health Visitors of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens and at the Departments of Journalism and Psychology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. From 2007 till now, he is Professor of the Social Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships at the Department of Psychology of the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences. His scientific interests and publications focus on the Social Psychology of Sexuality and the Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships.

Marianna Kavallieratos

Marianna Kavallieratos studied dance and choreography at ‘The Place’ London Contemporary Dance School. She continued her studies with the Onassis scholarship in New York’s SUNNY Purchase. Since 1992, she collaborates with Robert Wilson as a dancer in several productions and at the Watermill Center. She has presented her own works at the Athens Festival, the Onassis Cultural Center and in New York.

Rebecca Camhi

Rebecca Camhi was born in Athens, Greece in 1965.  After graduating from the American college of Greece, she went to Paris , studied at the American College and then was apprenticed to internationally renowned Greek sculptor Takis in Paris.  A few internships followed at important galleries and institutions such as Galerie Daniel Templon in Paris, and CNAC Magasin in Grenoble, France under the directorship of Adelina von Furstenberg. In 1992 she attented a curatorial course in the museum Luigi Pecci in Prato, Italy and then worked as an assistant at the Documenta IX in Kassel with the curatorial team headed by Jan Hoet. Since then she is an independent art dealer and consultant between Athens, London and New York and is the owner of the gallery Rebecca Camhi which was founded in Athens in 1995.

Evi Souli

Evi Souli attended the Rallou Manou Professional Dance School. In February 2015, she took over the realization and choreography of the performance “Arsis /Thesis”. In November, it was selected and presented by the New Europe Festival 2015 in Prague. In May 2016 she premiered the performance “Beyond Collapse” at the Contemporary Theater of Athens, in collaboration with Pavlos Pavlidis. Finally, she teaches classical and contemporary dance.

Christiana Kosiari

Christiana Kosiari attended the National School of Dance (KSOT). She participated in the performance of Alexandra Pirici “Parthenon Marbles” (Acropolis, State of Concept Gallery) and in “Ladies of Ghika Gallery” by Vicky Spachou at the Benaki Museum. She led the piece «Omira» by Stella Spyrou (Contemporary Theatre of Athens, Greek and foreign festivals). She participated in the work of Evi Souli “Beyond Collapse”; she danced at the 6th and 7th Arc For Dance Festival in Contemporary Theatre of Athens and in other dance events. Since 2008, she has a teaching experience in ballet, contemporary, modern and other dances.

Dimitri Zorzos

After working and studying on printing and sound, in 2004 he moved to Barcelona. There, he studied several alternative therapy techniques. He is a founding member of “Sex Asistant Catalunya” and served as a member of the board of “Tandem Team BCN”, where he was also offering sex assistance. He has also worked as a personal assistant for people with disabilities in ECOM foundation. Currently, he is a founding member and development manager of “Sexualidad Funcional” (functional sexuality), a program about sexuality and disability, officially supported by the national health system in Valencia. In Sexualidad Funcional, apart from offering sex asistance, he designs and imparts workshops, with his colleague, medical doctor and sexologist, Charo Ricart.

Kostis Papaioanou

Kostis Papaioanou studied in Germany and is an entrepreneur. He is a founding member of Greenpeace in Greece- serving as the Board Chair since 2012, a volunteer and activist amongst other things. He has travelled and participated in actions in the Meditteranean countless times with the organization’s ships (Moby Dick, M/V Greenpeace, Sirius, Rainbow Warrior, Esperanza, Arctic Sunrise). He has been a part of dozens of actions throughout Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and Romania.

Petros Sapountzakis

Petros Sapountzakis was born in Piraeus in 1971. He works as a primary school teacher for the last 17 years. Having theological concerns, he attended the Higher Ecclesiastical School of Athens and associated with the anti-heretical struggle of the Greek Church and other church activities. When he entered the Primary Education Department, he got interested in new territories. From 1995 to 2008, he organized the child mountaineering camp “High Mountains” and since 2009, he deals with issues of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Characteristics in Education. He is one of the founding members of Colorful School.