Solidarity; the third pillar of #MakingIdeasHappen

How do we define Solidarity?

Solidarity is a word that has as many meanings as the people that are alive today. Each of us interprets it differently according to our needs, yet we can agree on a general definition of it. Solidarity is the mutual help and sense of unity between people with common interests and goals and the support of people who suffer. It is a word that is able to inspire and mobilize all of us.

Why is it so important?

Living in a society dominated by isolation and all kinds of radicalism, it is personal as well as social responsibility to set standards beyond stereotypes, giving everyone access to viable choices. Solidarity is one of the most fundamental human values and is based on inclusion, understanding and equality. But above all, Solidarity is respect. Not only for all the people, but for ourselves too. Every human being can live his life as he wishes, provided he does not forget to extend his hand to his fellow man during his journey.

Borrowing a statement of the Secretary General of the UN, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, “Solidarity is so important that it represents the basis of many other human values, such as friendship, companionship, loyalty or honor. It allows us to feel sentimentally united to those people who are supported”.

Solidarity, is one of the most important characteristics of human beings and the oddity of this concept lies in the fact that it excludes no one. This is because it stems from the natural need of each of us to offer, participate and belong. That’s what makes Solidarity one of the five pillars of #MakingIdeasHappen, because through Solidarity, we can bring the change we want to see around us.