RE-WORTH IT 08.12.19

On December 8th, our Sunday morning started off differently than usual. That Sunday was the day we made an idea happen.

The TEDxPanteionUniversity’s team was deployed in five locations in Athens. After a lot of effort, screwing, dyeing and most of all our appetite for creation, we placed black and red boxes, in which books and clothes will be gathered, in order to multiply their value.

The entrance of the Panteion University Library, the space next to the statue of El. Venizelos in Liberty Park, the pedestrian street at the height of the archaeological site at Thissio, the Eptanissou and Fokionos Negri Street and the main entrance of the National Garden (on Amalias Avenue) were converted into offering spots, which can be accessed by everyone from now on, so they can leave something they no longer need and in the same time, take something they need.

Our team was present at these five points, leaving in each one of them a box that can fit a lot. Panteion University, National Garden and Liberty park became spots where people can offer books, while Thissio and Fokionos Negri street became gathering spots for clothes.
In addition, a QR code sticker was placed on each box, so to be scanned by everyone’s mobile camera and redirect them to the TEDxPanteionUniversity’s site, to see the locations of the other boxes as well.

“Re-Worth it” was just the beginning. Now, it’s up to us all to continue this effort and enable some people to meet their own needs. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much each of us has, but how much we can give back.

So find the boxes, read the instructions written on them, and give worth again.

1. Open the box.

2. See what it offers you.

3. Continue the offer.