The first TEDxPanteionUniversityWomen is here

A few months later after the first event, TEDxPanteionUniversity comes back and this time it is preparing something different.

Much more determined, with one of the not so many TEDxWomen events in Greece. This special TEDxPanteionUniversityWomen will take place at the same time with the official TEDWomen in San Francisco with the topic “It’s about time”.

Trying to raise awareness and talk about issues of genders, woman and equality through the years, TEDxPanteionUniversityWomen aims to explore this social change with ideas from abroad as well as from Greece.

The word that describes TEDWomen2016 is Time (“It’s about time”) and TEDxPanteionUniversityWomen, as a pararell event, will talk about topics that have to do with time and the contribution of women all these years, because now more than ever it’s time for equal rights, obligations and claims.

Last March TEDxPanteionUniversity gave life to the first event with great success, focusing on the actual social contribution and interaction of the students. So, with free ticket, 420 drugs were gathered, costing 1.500€, from the people involved, which were anonymously been given to the refugees.

On the same pattern, it continues this year with a free ticket for TEDxPanteionUniversityWomen, which will take place on Saturday October 29th.