TEDxPanteionUniversity 2017- Break the Pattern

TEDxPanteionUniversity returns dynamically for its third TEDx event. After his first event in March 2016, entitled “Frameworks” and attendance of 200 people and after TEDxPanteionUniversityWomen, “It was Time”, which took place in October 2016 as TEDWomen’s parallel action in San Francisco and attendance of 200, TEDxPanteionUniversity is here again to present ideas worth spreading.
The event will be held on May 6 2017, in the polymorphic area «Papastratos Destination», in Piraeus. This time, with the topic «Break the Pattern», our goal is to inspire the audience to take courage to do unique things, without fear, away from the forms imposed by society. In an effort to disseminate and support the diversity TEDxPanteionUniversity through speeches and performances will present ideas that go beyond the usual and go a step forward. The aim is to hear small and big acts that have something different to say to you, give a new perspective to things.

Once again, TEDxPanteionUniversity has free admission, maintaining the social character it has shown since its inception. This time, we ask the participants to offer a book instead of a ticket so we can all create a lending library hosted at The Cube Athens. The Cube Athens is a collaborative site for startupers who, among others, has created the SOLE Greece Project, a self-organized teaching program for refugee children, which has so far covered about 600 children and is the main organizer of Athens Maker Faire , an annual event for technology, education, science, art, crafts, engineering and innovation.Stay tuned for more information. We are waiting for you!