Experience your city

On Sunday, 17th February, the city changed. The TEDxPanteionUniversity team, with volunteer assistance, was simultaneously in 5 different places in Athens, conducting five different actions that put the city into the “idea” mindset, the mindset of #makingideashappen.

The initiative “Experience Your City” started at Faliro, where members of the TEDxPanteionUniversity organizing team met with Plastikourgeio’s team, a shop/lab which tries to raise awareness about the over-consumption of plastics and to promote a zero-waste / plastic-free lifestyle. There, a cleansing of the beach took place and a total of almost 50 (fifty) pounds of garbage was collected.

The tour in the city continued in Monastiraki Square in collaboration with Positive Voice, and specifically with My Ckeckpoint team. The action was aimed at promoting safe sex, as it is still considered a taboo, and also included free distribution of condoms and HIV information. The distribution surpassed the number of 5.000 (five thousand) condoms and our expectations.

The next stop was the Panteion University Library and Information Service, to support the specially designed for print-disabled people platform AMELib. Our role in this action was to “correct” existing files to make them ready for processing and use. At the same time, following the Bloode’s motto: “Whoever needs blood should be able to find it within aa day”, we joined our forces at the next point of the map, at NIMITS, where a voluntary blood donation open to the public took place.

The last of the five actions happened at Petralona. A team created by TEDxPanteionUniversity’s most creative members intervened in the aesthetics of the area through art. In just 8 (eight) hours a long and colourless wall on Thessalonikis 76th street was adorned with a graphic design of anthropocentric character. The purpose, of course, was to have a direct influence on the psychology of the passers-by.

A few days after the completion of the initiative, seeing some of our ideas implemented, we feel emotional and grateful both for our contribution to improving Athens and our interaction with those who helped change it. The city is no longer the same for us and we hope that with our contribution the change will be visible to you as well.