Exam… Hmm?!

The shops are opening again, people are slowly returning to their daily lives, the weather is opening up and somehow things are getting back in place.

The beaches are full of people, the cafes are following… And in the midst of all this, you have to get into an exam mood? Unfortunately the answer is yes.

And what does that mean? It means staying at home, endless hours over books and notes in an effort to make up for the reading you probably forgot to do all this time. And not only.

But is it really that hard and painful to sacrifice a month reading and saying no to seductive hang outs? Of course it is.

That’s why you can at least ease this situation by adopting some suggestions that may help you gain more concentration and get one step closer to the goal!

Set small goals. Set the pages you have to read and the time at which this should be done.

Give yourself frequent breaks. For each chapter you complete, take a 10-20 minute break to help you come back more relaxed. But be careful not to overdo it and eventually the break will be final.

Are you the type who can concentrate on reading while listening to music? If so, then choose a Playlist from the type of music you like at low volume and make your reading more enjoyable.

* Tip: It is better to choose songs that you do not know so well, otherwise they may captivate you and you may not be able to concentrate as much as you should.

Many times we combine reading with isolation and this is not so pleasant. On the contrary, most times our minds are on the walk with friends and on outings that we lose by spending our time reading. That’s why the advice is “Everything needs to be measured”. If you have finished reading the day or if you feel that you can’t perform more, you can see a friend to relax your mind and recharge your batteries.

Who said that in the current situation, reading at coffee shops is forbidden? If you know a small cafe that is not crowded or is a spot for reading, then this is the way to combine going out with finishing your studying obligations. Alone or with friends, you can enjoy your coffee or rather your “coffees” in a pleasant environment.

Set a schedule. We all say it all the time and yet on the last day we run to do the impossible. Make your schedule the way you want it. Put it down and include what you want to do outside of reading. Often, we realize that there are many empty hours in the day that we know they are NOT suitable for reading. The period after lunch, the evening hours for the morning types and the reverse  for the evening ones. Don’t waste your time!

Rumor has it that we usually don’t concentrate in a messy environment. Grab the opportunity to clean around the mess in your office and make room for your books and notes. When the room is in order, the mind follows (someone said that).

Are you one of those people who can’t resist the temptation to chat with a friend while reading and engaging in endless conversations? But you also don’t want to feel alone… There are videos on YouTube with sounds from turning pages, and other similar sounds to break the silence in the room.
However if you apply all this and still see that it doesn’t work, or you don’t even bother to try it all, welcome to the club! We have all been through and continue to go through the exam phase, so let’s try to be productive during this period so that we can enjoy the summer we deserve!