Environment; the fifth pillar of #MakingIdeasHappen

As humans, we have an innate bond with the Environment that surrounds us. As noted on Merriam-Webster Dictionary, our Environment is “the complex of physical, chemical and biotic factors, such as climate, soil and living things that act upon an organism or an ecological community and ultimately determine its form and survival”.

Natural and socioeconomic conditions define our lives at a quintessential point-life itself. Depending on our surroundings, our life expectancy is different. The quality of our life and health as well, are the immediate factors influenced greatly and undeniably by the Environment we live in.

While the industrial revolution provided people with a whole new context for their lives, it had one big drawback as well. Environmental pollution was slowly and steadily becoming a thing, up until we set foot in the globalization era. All forms of environmental pollution that are now part of our everyday small talk vocabulary, were firstly recognized as dangerous and then, as a problem that has to be addressed.

Unfortunately, environmental issues keep on escalating and therefore attracting scientific and activist interest, but still, solutions are not being met.

Our Environment is our home. A home for each one of us. The world we live in. No human being can survive in an environmentally damaged world. That’s what makes our Environment one of the five pillars of #MakingIdeasHappen, because our life would not have existed without it. Besides, that is also why we should take better care of it and be the change we want to see around us.