Knowledge; the fourth pillar of #MakingIdeasHappen

How could one define knowledge?

As all that we learn at school, from when we are little children, till we reach adulthood? Or as what we’re taught later, at the university, where we gain access to a whole new world on the field of our interest? Is it possible, after all, that knowledge is all that we gain from our actions and experiences in life, that define our personality help us develop and go further? 

And why is it so important? 

From the first syllables, we gradually learn to spell, on a young age, to the voluminous textbooks we study on an academic level, Knowledge has a lot to offer and teach us.

 By enriching and sharpening our mind, we obtain the equipment to nurture our spirit, not only within the distinct boundaries of education, but also above it, with our actions and roles in society, with the path
we take and the mark we leave as its active members.

 Paraphrasing Wittgenstein, we would say that “the limits of my knowledge, mean the limits of my world”, as through it, we are able to shape character, define our selves, form an opinion, adopt or reject ideologies – always with respect towards the opposing view – and evaluate or interpret reality.

That’s why it is one of the most important tools in our lives, that helps and follows us to whatever path we take – whether it be small, long, lonely, adventurous – whichever way we choose to walk it. That’s why it’s worth it when we invest on our self-improvement through knowledge.  

That’s why Knowledge  is one of the main five pillars of #MakingIdeasHappen.  

 Because it  is the first step to every change we want to make to the world around us