The Age of Smupid Main Event 2019

For the fourth year in a row, TEDxPanteionUniversity’s team, made a vibrant comeback on the 11th of May 2019, offering its audience the unique experience of “ The Age of Smupid” at Benaki Museum. By taking part in our event, the audience was summoned to “connect the pieces” and classify the data that are continuously changing in an era where the contemporary human is “cleverer” and at the same time “more stupid” than ever.

Based on the main purpose of TED, “Ideas Worth Spreading”, TEDxPanteionUniversity kept its primary focus on the human and his special needs and decided to bring its audience, that exceeded the number of 650 people, face to face with the following concern: The contemporary human, who is facing the non-stopping changes in the society that he lives in, comes to “observe”, “adapt” and “evolve” in the frame of a new, rapidly shaping reality.

So, on the 11th of May 2019, acknowledged speakers, initiated us in the world of art, fashion, entrepreneurship, psychology and interpersonal relations, while our hosts, Alexandros Manos and Silena Triviza, also known as the “Carrot Tards”, made our event much more pleasant with their unique presence on stage.

The first session, “Οbserve”, started with us being introduced in the world of the fashion industry. Athena Matisse, an architect and fashion influencer, welcoming us with her speech, made us question the nature of our every-day life. Straightaway, Stavros Skarpathakis, talked about the treatment of chiropractic, while Christos Karasavvidis made a speech on the presence and the aspects of theatre in our every-day life. The session ended with the melodies of the imaginative Dimitris Kostagiolas who presented an interactive and highly entertaining musical performance.

Shortly before the opening of the second cycle of speeches, and after enjoying a delicious meal during the break, we had the pleasure to watch the couple of “Il Grande Piano” performing a unique music and dance show. The couple, placing an enormous, flat-pack electric piano on the stage, danced on the ivories and attributed melodies of widely known musical extracts, making us realize that even the talent of someone, on its own, can be “smupid”. The only thing needed, is having the willpower to appreciate differently something already familiar to us.

The second session, “Αdapt”, opened with the speech of Dimitris Maragkos, who informed us about the opportunities that can appeal to young people, by participating in the European Mobility Programs. Afterwards, Thomas Kolster, highlighted the dual nature of advertising, showing that contradictions can be found everywhere in the world we live in, while Filippos Paganis, member of the LGBTQ community, approached the matter of how mental health specialists can be informed and adapt to the needs of the LGBTQ community. Gabriela Telekfalvi and Aristea Bismpiki, founders of the “Labyrinth of Senses” and “Kinitro” closed the “adapt” session talking about the importance of accessibility emphasizing on the fact that only one idea can change the world and make it a better place for everyone.

At the end of the second cycle of speeches, Europe Beyond Access presented us choreographies inspired by their personal experiences to break the stereotypes and achieve the change in theatre and dance.

At the third session, ‘’Εvolve’’, we welcomed the film director Spyros Maltezos, who talked about free expression and content creation in the context of the contemporary technological era. Alexandra Soldatou, then, raised awareness on the issue of child abuse and its effects on people’s mentality. Angelina Kanellopoulou, next, helped us understand the significance of the role of bees in the world and their contribution to human life. Finally, Yannis Vassilopoulos captivated us with his speech on the relationship between a lyricist and the cultural imperative of his area, thus completing the third and last cycle of speeches.

With the end of our event, a great effort on behalf of the TEDxPanteionUniversity team and volunteers, in collaboration with our sponsors, without whom the event could not have taken place, came to an end, leaving behind strong sentiments of joy, contentment and even greater willpower and passion for creation. TEDxPanteionUniversity is its people, their concerns and their desire for inspiration and change in the society we live in, and therefore, we stayed loyal to our social orientation by offering free admission to the public. For this reason, instead of a ticket price, food essentials were gathered in collaboration with the STEPS organization to support people in street conditions.