Accessibility; the first pillar of #MakingIdeasHappen

Accessibility is referred as the degree of the available access to the benefits provided by the society to as many people as possible and especially to people with disabilities. That means, they can autonomously, safely and comfortably access and use infrastructure and services.

So why is accessibility important?

Accessibility is important firstly, because it is directly related to functionality and secondly because it determines the degree of autonomy and security of the person in relation to the environment.

Making Ideas Happen…

At TEDxPanteionUniversity, we believe in everyone’s right to expression and the power of ensemble. That is why we strive to make infrastructure accessible to people and goods, so that everyone has the choice of participation. #MakingIdeasHappen, offers the opportunity for open communication and information, in order for each one of us to be able to understand every dimension of accessibility.