Connect the pieces

The age of the contemporary human, who is “smarter” and at the same time “stupider” than ever. Among an ensemble of contradictions, you. You are the one who feels the change without changing your behavior. It’s the moment you believe that your actions move with you, while maybe you lose your ability to move, staying still. The conditions within which you live change and the situations shape your perception on an everyday basis. You “square” behaviors, feelings, humans and you let yourself be driven by the current developments. The square is divided into two supplemental pieces, which can be connected at any given moment. As long as you look the same fact from a different point of view.

Are you ready to connect the pieces?

Athena Matisse
Architect, fashion influencer, trend forecaster
Stavros Skarpathakis
Eirini Cheirdari
Sex coach, author
Christos Karasavvidis
Director, Writer, Actor
Dimitris Maragos
Communication specialist
Thomas Kolster - Mr. Goodvertising
International expert in sustainable communication, author & speaker
Filippos Paganis
Psychologist, member of the Orlando LGBT+ Scientific Group
Gabriela Telekfalvi - Aristea Bismpiki
Creators of Kinotro and Labyrinth of Senses
Spyros Maltezos
Film Director
Alexandra Soldatou
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Athens Medical School
Aggelina Kanellopoulou
Animal behaviorist, Founder of the bee camp

The Age of Smupid

May 11/ 10:00

Elephant In The Room

19 May 2018/ 10:00