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Γιώργος / Τζώρτζ Κουνάνης

Πολιτικός Επιστήμονας & Ακτιβιστής

George Kounanis studied Political Science with a specialization in Law at Panteion University. At the University of Oslo, he specialized in International Human Rights Law and in International Penal Law. He obtained a Master of Science in Marketing and Communication from the AUEB. Some of the NGO’s and team efforts he has taken action with for the last 7 years, are: Amnesty International, Colour Youth, LGBTQI+ Employment Support Group, AIESEC, ESN, Red Umbrella Athens, Greek LGBT People with Disability and many more. In December 2015 he created the Seminar “Queering the (hetero)norm”, while since 2016 he has a collaboration with Vice Greece and LIFO as a freelance contributor. Today he lives in Athens and strives every day for positive change in Greek society.