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TEDxPanteionUniversityWomen is a parallel event that will discuss topics about time and the contribution of women over time because now more than ever, it’s about time for equal rights and responsibilities. This event will include live speakers as well as talks from TEDWomen 2016 which will be held in San Francisco on 26th-28th of October.

Time is personal. We all have the same amount of time — 24 hours a day and yet most of us feel we never have enough. Even with today’s latest inventions, technology, science, we can’t make time or stop time — or can we?

Come explore time zones, time travel, time outs and times together. We will explore the conventions and challenges of time.

We will ask the hard questions. Because isn't it about time:

  • To find long-term solutions to climate change, poverty, immigration, violence, race, gender and economic inequities?
  • To lead for different outcomes?
  • To challenge our "time-saving" technologies?
  • To pay full attention and be fully present for ourselves as well as others?