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TEDxPanteionUniversity is about events fully planned and organised by Panteion University students. While there are many TEDx teams in Greece, what makes us special is our social orientation. Providing always free participation, we encourage our audience to take part in voluntary actions or we gather material things /goods for donations, instead of a fee. Our main purpose is, through our inspirational, thought - provoking talks, to be able to move from theory to practice and help our community. 

TEDxPanteionUniversity, on its third year of existence, is preparing a unique event called "Unlock Yourself". It is a pre-event consisted exclusively of workshops about discovering and embracing the inner you. Workshops about stress management and dealing with the fear of public speaking are some of the things that you can experience in this event in order to finally “Unlock Yourself” and stand up as a better version of you. But, this pre-event is only the introduction. TEDxPanteionUniversity is also preparing its third main event called "Elephant In The Room". Fully interconnected with the pre-event, "Elephant In The Room" is an idiom about social taboos, disorders and difficulties that exist, although people may not want to talk about them.

Stay tuned in TEDxPanteionUniversity's social media to find out more about the upcoming events!