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TEDxPanteionUniversity is the first TEDx in Greece created to meet the needs of modern society..

The free participation and constant encouragement for practical assistance to the community are a few of the features that make us proud of working for such a cause.

The main message we want to broadcast is moving from theory to practice, from only thinking, to also doing. It is a philosophy we have tried to instil in all the actions we have done so far and we plan to stick with it in the future.

TEDxPanteionUniversity, in its second year of existence, is preparing its third TEDx event under the theme "Break The Pattern". "Break the Pattern" describes the communities and people taking their ideas from theory to practice, the ones who are bold enough the break down stereotypes and take the leap of faith to form a reality from their vision.

The second TEDxPanteionUniversity main event will stay true to its social message, asking for participants to donate children's books in order to form a library for refugee children, instead of an admittance fee. The library will be hosted at The Cube Athens for the purposes of SOLE Project Greece.